A soul-touching series

Fall to Grace

Only angels fall from grace. The rest of us fall toward it.

Two boys the same age lose their fathers on the same day—yet the loss affects them completely differently. Why? In Fall to Grace, witness the healing power of relationships when tragedy strikes in a child’s formative years.  518 pages.

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Is a child the only salvation for someone who has suffered profoundly?

In Singer, the highly anticipated sequel to Fall to Grace, the love of a gifted four-year-old boy and his single mother are the only hope for a hardened young man who can’t seem to outrun tragedy.  572 pages.

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Slender Wish

Hope and despair are only a small miracle apart.

As Cory fights to regain the physical and emotional strength to win custody of Singer, HomeSky and Pat face a dark threat that may take their farm.  402 pages.

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